Desalination for the Environment: Clean Water and Energy
20–23 June 2022, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Las Palmas, Spain
Palacio de Congresos de Canarias

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Monday June 20th
11:30 Registration opens












Dedicated Workshop on Ocean Brine Mining
Introductions – Dr. Ahmed Al Amoudi, Director General – DTRI/SWCC
Overview of DTRI system for brine mining of NaCl and Br
Nikolay Voutchkov, DTRI/SWCC (moderator and presenter)
Scope of work of 2 million tons/year NaCl and Br project
Dr. Seungwon Ihm, Dr. Ghulam Mustafa, SWCC
Hydranautics NF, SWRO and UHPRO systems w/ turbocharger
Dr. Ramon Garrote, Hydranautics, and Juan de Berstain, FEDCO

Coffee break

SUEZ NF system
Frederick Liberatore, Suez
FTS membrane brine concentration system
Dr. Keith Lampi, FTS
Suez brine crystallization system
Karel Vratny, Suez
Economics of brine mining for sodium chloride
Dr. Basel Abusharkh, DTRI/SWCC
Sea4Value: Technologies to recover raw materials from desalination brines to serve a growing industrial market
Miriam Balaban, EDS
SEArcular Mine: Circular Processing of Seawater Brines from Saltworks for Recovery of Valuable Raw Materials
Harnessing our seas as a sustainable resource
Andrea Cipollina, Università degli Studi di Palermo
Rewaise: REsilient WAter Innovation for Smart Economy
Victor Monsalvo / Frank Rogalla, Aqualia
Water Mining: Next generation water-smart management systems: large scale demonstrations for a circular economy and society
Dimitris Xevgenos, TU-Delft

Discussion among participants
16:00–18:00 DESAL+ LIVING LAB Workshop. Artificial Intelligence: Potentialities and challenges in Desalination
The limit is 20 people for this workshop and it is on a first-come basis. Please register here
18:30–20:00 Reception. Venue: Exhibition Area Auditorio

Tuesday morning June 21st — Jerónimo Saavedra Room
8:00 Registration
9:00 Opening Ceremony

Gonzalo Piernavieja Izquierdo, Master of ceremonies, R&D Director, Canary Islands Institute of Technology(ITC) /
DESAL + LIVING LAB representative

Ursula Annunziata, President, EDS
Miriam Balaban, Secretary General, EDS – Life in Desalination

His Excellency the Governor Abdullah Ibrahim Al-Abdul-Karim, SWCC

Domingo Zarzo Martinez, President, AEDyR
Shannon McCarthy, Secretary-General, IDA
Carmelo Santana Delgado, Director, Gran Canaria Water Basin (CIAGC), Cabildo de Gran Canaria
Carlos Andrés Navarro Martínez, Director, Canary Islands Research and Innovation Agency (ACIISI)


Keynote presentations
Current status and future outlook of sustainable seawater reverse osmosis desalination as "green desalination" in the 21st century
Masaru Kurihara, Toray

Desalination and natural disasters: Experience during the volcanic eruption on La Palma island to supply desalted water for irrigation (2021)
Raúl Fernández Donado, TEDAGUA

10:45 Exhibit opening
11:15 Innovation in the Age of Disruption
Jerome Engel, Innovation & Entrepreneurship, University of California Berkeley

Innovation and Science to Industry
Herve Buisson, Veolia

Emilio Gabrielli, Legislation, Nikolay Voutchkov, SWCC, Ernest Barcelo, Omya

Questions from the audience
13:00 Lunch
Tuesday afternoon June 21st
14:00–16:00 Session 1 Regional/Case studies
Chair: Iris Sutzkover-Gutman, Antonio Casañas
Session 2 Electrodialysis
Chair: Andrea Cipollina,
Walid Khoury
Session 3 Solar desalination
Chair: Corinne Cabassud, Guillermo Zaragoza
Session 4 Sea4Value: Extraction of minerals and metals from seawater desalination brines
Chair: Miriam Balaban,
Philip Davies

14:00 28 Diversifying water supply to increase resilience: The Cape Town experience
Gisela Kaiser
107 Electrodialysis processes for minimizing waste production in phosphoric acid plants
L. Monat, O. Nir
161 Operational long-term experience in solar desalination of seawater using a commercial vacuum multi-effect membrane distillation system
J.A. Andrés-Mañas, I. Requena, J.D. Gil, L. Roca, G. Zaragoza
214 Wetting behaviour and scaling propensity of polymer composite evaporator tubes for brine concentration
Jan-Hendrik Imholze, Sebastian Schilling, Heike Glade
14:20 64 The role of alternative water resources for agricultural irrigation in the Canary Islands
Baltasar Peñate Suárez, David Romero Manrique, Violeta Cabello Villarejo,
Ana Musicki Savic,
Angela Guimaraes Pereira
117 Simulation of bipolar membrane electrodialysis (BMED) units by a validated process model
A. Culcasi, A. Zaffora, L. Gurreri, A. Cipollina, A. Tamburini, G. Micale
169 Membrane distillation for solar applications
Bart Nelemans
303 Sustainability, exploitation and future market uptake – a market analysis
Ramona G. Simon, Daniel Frank, Katharina Meixner, Katja Wendler, Thomas Track
14:40 206 Desalination of the Jordan River – a challenging task
Tal Fabian, Iris Sutzkover-Gutman
156 A novel 2D model for the assessment of deformation-induced flow redistribution phenomena in electrodialysis units
Giuseppe Battaglia, Luigi Gurreri, Alessandro Tamburini, Antonina Pirrotta, Andrea Cipollina, Michele Ciofalo, Giorgio Micale
319 Operating parameters influencing the performances of a solar powered hollow fiber membrane distillation module
Gina Alfonso, Stéphanie Laborie, Corinne Cabassud
321 Novel membrane processes for target elements recovery
Xavier Martinez Lladó,F. Ferrari, S. Casas, A. Gual, A. Nogalska, E. Fernandez-Llamazares, L. Cortina, C. Valderrama, M. Reig, M. Figueira, A. Pihlajamäki, R. Moradi
15:00 258 Industrial scale pilot at Maspalomas I desalination plant demonstrates the efficiency of DuPont™. B-Free™ pre-treatment – a new breakthrough solution against biofouling
Gerard Massons, Guillem Gilabert‑Oriol, Eduard Gasia, Marc Slagt, Bong K. Kwak
200 Control and validation of a batteryless PV-EDR system with application to humanitarian crises
Jonathan T. Bessette, Amos G. Winter
261 Methodology for the implementation of a steady state simulation model in a multi-effect distillation plant. Case study: PSA MED pilot plant
Juan Miguel Serrano, Patricia Palenzuela, Lidia Roca
308 3D-printed ion-exchange materials for recovering valuable elements from the seawater brines
Asiia Suerbaeva, Eveliina Repo, Clemente Garcia Redondo, Ramón Pericet Cámara, Mònica Reig, Mariana Figueira Alves, Cesar Valderrama, Jose Luis Cortina, Vadim Korovin
15:20 295 Performance improvement of dual media filter in Ras Al Khair desalination plant
Byungsung Park, Abdulrahman Abdullah Abutaleb, Nikolay Voutchkov, Ahmed S. Al Amoudi
299 Multistage reverse electrodialysis with natural waters: a long term pilot study on performance and fouling
Catarina Simões, Bárbara Vital, Michel Saakes, Tom Sleutels, Wim Brilman
342 Sea-based desalination with renewable energy: turning challenges into solutions.
A practical approach
Joren De Wachter, Toon Vandamme, Patrick Steenacker
Buisiness of brine mining
Ernest Barcelo (Omya)
15:40 245 Design of marine outfalls for reducing environmental impact of brine
Eloy Pita, Pablo Pita, Mario Sánchez‑Barriga, Lucas Martín, Javier Olalde
  208 Optimum design of PV-RO system solar powered sea water desalination without storage in Saudi Arabia (Case study)
Khalid Al-Shail, Ordóñez Javier
337 Double pass nanofiltration optimization for metal removal in brine mining valorization
Frederick Liberatore, Neil Edwin Moe, Kin Ho Wee, Pablo Cañada García
16:00–16:20 Coffee break
16:20–18:00 Session 5 Wastewater
Chair: Alexey Pervov,
Patrick Buchta
Session 6 Thermal/solar desalination
Chair: Ursula Annunziata,
Juan Arévalo
Session 7 Renewable energy powered desalination
Chair: Andrea I. Schäfer,
Felix Broens
Session 8 SWCC-DTRI Advances in brine mining
Chair: Nikolay Voutchkov, Ahmed Al-Amoudi
16:20 9 Inside-to-out ultrafiltration membranes for the treatment of wastewater containing powdered activated carbon
Denis Vial, Patrick Buchta, Roland Winkler, Peter Berg
129 GIS-based graphical user interface tools for analyzing solar thermal desalination systems and high-potential implementation regions
Vasilis Fthenakis, Greg Yetman, Adam Atia, Zhuoran Zhang, John Squires, Diego-César Alarcón-Padilla, Patricia Palenzuela, Guillermo Zaragoza
87 Wave to energy and water - desalination via wavepiston wave energy converter
Heikki Kauranne, Jakob Wedel-Heinen, Michael Henriksen
Brine mining – A new horizon in desalination
Ahmad Al-Amoudi
16:40 15 New technology to treat leachate by low pressure reverse osmosis
Alexei Pervov, Tatiana Shirkova, Val Frenkel
237 Energetic and economic comparison of solar powered multi-effects desalination (MED) with different configurations
Eydhah Almatrafi, Ahmad Bamasag
162 Technical and economic analysis of ultrafiltrated rain water for potability powered by photovoltaic energy
Suélen Regina Cominetti Baú, Adalberto Pandolfo, Matheus Bevegnú, Gilherme Otávio Moraes Giubel, Vandré Barbosa Brião, M. Hasan Shaheed
Mining brine to extract treatment chemicals
Nikolay Voutchkov
17:00 121 Treatment of electroplating wastewater by combined membrane technologies and reactive precipitation process at a pilot scale
A. Ruiz-Aguirre, P. Hurtado, R. Gueccia, S. Randazzo, A. Cipollina, G. Micale, J. Leuter, F. Gross, D. Winter, G. Zaragoza
282 Design of a small-scale thermal vapour compression system driven by low-temperature solar heat
B. Shahzamanian, S. Varga, J. Soares, A.C. Oliveira
241 Experimental analysis of a reverse osmosis membrane suitable for wave powered desalination
Tapas K. Das, Matt Folley, Carwyn Frost
Supplementing desalinated drinking water with magnesium minerals extracted from brine
Sungwon Ihm
17:20 197 UF membrane fouling by sodium alginate in salinity conditions to mimic biofouling during desalination of seawater
Ibrahim Hotan Alsohaimi
331 From pumps to membranes and filtering media
C. del Castillo, D. Kinahan, L. Bautista, Matthias Fahland, Viatcheslav Freger
327 Fluctuant and intermittent operation affecting membrane integrity in batteryless solar energy-powered membrane desalination systems
Yang-Hui Cai, Andrea I. Schäfer
229 Subsidizing water cost by value-adding to desalination plant concentrate: key criteria for success
Christopher Michael Fellows
17:40 324 Plasma technology and functionalization treatments for membranes
Núria Portolés, Lorenzo Bautista, Marcel Boerrigter, Paula Félix de Castro
    Concentrating brine – Challenges and solutions
Keith Lampi, Nikolay Voutchkov
18:00 Poster session
Wednesday morning June 22nd
9:00–11:00 Session 9 Membrane distillation I
Chair: Olga Ferrer, Gerd Braun
Session 10 Fouling, spacers and concentration polarization
Chair: Oded Nir,
Thomas Luxbacher
Session 11 Energy consumption/energy recovery devices
Chair: Juan Miguel Pinto,
Ursula Annunziata
Session 12 Seawater and industrial brine mining – SEArcularMine, REWAISE, Water Mining
Chair: Giorgio Micale,
Andrea Cipollina
9:00 191 Efficient membrane distillation systems and their prospective role in industrial water desalination and reuse
Gerd Braun, Christine Kleffner
124 New aspects of concentration-polarization in reverse osmosis and nanofiltration: theory and practice
Oded Nir
204 Energy recovery system and its impact on the Copiapó SWRO plant operability and availability: a “real world” lifecycle cost analysis
Rolando A. Bosleman, Pedro J. Miranda
333 Investigation on magnesium hydroxide recovery from real bitterns
G. Battaglia, M. A. Domina, R. Lo Brutto, J. L. Rodriguez, M. Fernandez de Labastida, J. L. Cortina, A. Pettignano, A. Cipollina, A. Tamburini, G. Micale
9:20 158 Lessons learnt from the operation of solar membrane distillation pilot plants
G. Zaragoza, J.A. Andrés-Mañas, I. Requena, A. Ruiz-Aguirre
16 Modification of the design of the spiral wound membrane element in order to reduce the linear pressure drop and increase its mechanical strength
Viacheslav Dzyubenko, V.D. Kuzin
153 Highly efficient high-pressure pumps and energy recovery devices for retrofitting
Javier Lorenzo
302 On the development of flow capacitive deionization for sustainable recovery of lithium from saltworks bitterns
H.M. Saif, T.H. Gebregeorgis, A.G. Gebretatios, R.M. Huertas, J.G. Crespo, S. Pawlowski
9:40 74 Theoretical and experimental investigation on vacuum assisted AGMD (V-AGMD): Effect of design and operation parameters
Yusik Kim, Yongjun Choi, Jihyeok Choi, Jaehyun Ju, Sangho Lee
54 Monitoring of membrane fouling by the zeta potential
Thomas Luxbacher, Hermina Buksek, Irena Petrinic
186 BWRO operation optımızation with energy recovery devices
Juan Miguel Pinto, Blanca Salgado, Eric Kadaj, Alain Mokbel
334 Acid and alkaline production from multi-ionic brines via electrodialysis with bipolar membranes
A. Filingeri, J. Lopez Rodriguez, A. Culcasi, A. Cipollina, A. Tamburini, G. Micale
10:00 98 Innovative high recovery seawater reverse osmosis desalination scheme
Carlos Bayona, Joana Carvalho, Daniel García-Huertas, Carme Repollès, Bart Nelemans, Olga Ferrer, Jorge Malfeito
84 New seawater fouling resistant membrane element
Guillem Gilabert-Oriol, David Arias, Jordi Bacardit, Verónica García‑Molina, Gerard Melich, María Pérez
17 Brine recirculation and other high recovery SWRO process innovations utilizing isobaric energy recovery devices
Rolando A. Bosleman, Jeremy G. Martin
232 Societal and economic aspects of a novel circular system for the valorisation of desalination brine and waste heat from a power plant
S. Randazzo, A. Krishnan, D. Xevgenos, M. Palmeros Parada, G. Gamboa, A. Cipollina, G. Micale
10:20 260 Photoactive PVDF membranes for direct solar membrane distillation
Marcello Pagliero, Ilaria Rizzardi, Raffaella Firpo, Camilla Costa, Antonio Comite
264 CFD modeling of concentration polarization in full size spiral wound element with a commercial feed spacer
Bastiaan Blankert, Hans Vrouwenvelder, Cristian Piciorean
120 Design and construction of a high energy-efficient BWRO desalination plant in the south east of Spain
R. Buendía Candel, D. Zarzo Martínez, C. García Soto, F. Molina Serrano, P. Terrero, E. Campos Pozuelo, M. Calzada Garzón
336 A pilot-scale investigation on magnesium and chemicals recovery from seawater desalination brines
F. Vassallo, C. Morgante, A. Cipollina, A. Tamburini, G. Micale
10:40 270 Use of vacuum enhancement in multi-envelope membrane distillation modules: effects on internal hydraulics
I. Requena, J.A. Andrés-Mañas, G. Zaragoza
332 Open calls and the role of EU funded open innovation test beds to accelerate the transfer for KET to key industries
C. del Castillo, O. Ormond, E. Scheers
257 Development of new isobaric energy recovery device
Scott Judge, Beat Schneider
335 A feasibility study of table salt production from seawater reverse osmosis brine
F. Vicari, R. Cucchiara, E. Bautista-Salinas, S. Randazzo, J. Arévalo-Vilches, A. Cipollina , G. Micale, V. Monsalvo-Garcia, A. Tamburini
11:00–11:20 Coffee break
11:20–13:20 Session 13 Membrane distillation II
Chair: Heike Glade
Session 14 Biofouling
Chair: Harvey Winters,
Walid Khoury
Session 15 Membrane advances/Energy saving
Chair: Guillem Gilabert-Oriol, Juan Antonio de la Fuente Bencomo
Session 16 SWRO plants/ Sustainability
Chair: Ramon Garrote
11:20 133 Investigation of membrane distillation affected by scale formation during concentration of seawater brines
Sebastian Schilling, Heike Glade
75 Characterization of biofouling in spacer filled membrane filtration channels using optical coherence tomography
Theo Huisman, B. Blankert, Szilard Bucs, Johannes S. Vrouwenvelder
85 The importance of long-term stable performance of reserve osmosis elements
Guillem Gilabert-Oriol, Blanca Salgado, Veronica Garcia Molina, Gerard Melich, María Pérez
268 Retrofitting SWRO to increase capacity without modifying intake or pretreatment
Rory Weaver, Eli Oklejas, Juan de Beristain
11:40 76 Optimization of membrane distillation modules configuration through CFD calculations, validated experimentally for brine treatment
Sofiane Soukane, Noreddine Ghaffour
70 In situ microstructural analysis of biofilm developed in filtration systems
S. Kerdi, A. Qamar, A. Alpatova, N. Ghaffour
212 Reuse of reverse osmosis elements of the desalination processes
B. Peñate Suarez, Francisco Javier Roo Filgueira, Juan Antonio de la Fuente Bencomo, F.A. Leon
279 Clean in place for the cartridge filters system in a large scale desalination plant
Abdulrahman Abdullah Abutaleb, Byungsung Park, Nikolay Voutchkov, Ahmed S. Al Amoudi
12.00 41 Novel spacer designs and spacer surface chemistry modification for reduced scaling in MD
N. Thomas, M. Kumar, O. Al-Ketan, R. Alnuaimi, E. Alhseinat, G. Palmisano, R. Rowshan,
R. Abu Al-Rub, H.A. Arafat
97 Nutrient limitation strategy for biofouling control in seawater reverse osmosis membranes
Zulema Borjas, Carlos Bayona, Andrea Picazo, Enrique Ferrero, Olga Ferrer, Jorge Malfeito
119 Recycled NF and UF membranes: pilot plant results
P. Terrero Rodríguez, E. Campos Pozuelo, M. Calzada Garzón, R. García Pacheco, F.Molina, D. Pomata, M. López, J. Landaburu, E. García Calvo, D. Zarzo Martínez
285 Making seawater desalination more sustainable: a techno-economic analysis based on circular economy approach
Nikhil Dilip Pawar, Thomas Pregger
12:20 114 Design, development and demonstration of a large-scale MD plant (400 m3/d)
Yonghyun Shin, Song Lee, Yusik Kim, Yongjun Choi, Seunghyun Kim, Sangho Lee
94 A fouling comparison study of algal, bacterial, and humic organic matters in seawater desalination pretreatment using UF ceramic membranes
Mohammed A. Namazi, Sheng Li, S. Assiyeh A. Tabatabai, Gary L. Amy, Noreddine Ghaffour, TorOve Leiknes
101 Breakthrough dry-tested seawater reverse osmosis elements
Kevin Reyntjens, Maria Angeles Pérez Maciá, Guillem Gilabert Oriol
338 Chemical products reduction in the ultrafiltration pretreatment of Maspalomas I reverse osmosis desalination plant
Sigrid Arenas, Jorge Pordomingo, Cristofer Ramos, Rubén Mesa, Javier Roo Filgueira
12:40 278 Reactive membranes for membrane distillation
Avner Ronen, Arezou Anvari
259 Development of a novel method for biofilm visualization on reverse osmosis membranes
Gerard Massons, Guillem Gilabert‑Oriol, Veronica Garcia Molina, Can Wu
329 New ceramic membrane for wastewater treatment: phosphate and oil removal
Yehia Manawi, Jenny Lawler, Viktor Kochkodan
13:00 310 Investigation on wetting mechanisms and wetting dynamic in plasmonic silver/PVDF membranes for desalination by photothermal membrane distillation
Tarik Eljaddi, Corinne Cabassud
284 Biofilm formation on SWRO membranes caused by planktonic bacterial aggregates from pretreatment and rotary energy recovery devices
Harvey Winters
339 Highly efficient high-pressure pumps and energy recovery devices for brine mining applications
Gökhan Dönmez, Ersan Özdemir
13:20–14:20 Lunch
Wednesday afternoon June 22nd
14.20–16.20 Session 17 Energy efficiency/
cost saving

Chair: Mike B. Dixon,
Alvaro Lagartos
Session 18 Desalination for drinking water/crop irrigation
Chair: Antonella DeLuca,
Jochen Kallenberg
Session 19 Cleaning and fouling I
Chair: Núria Adroer,
Nuria Peña García
Session 20 Recovery of minerals and metals
Chair: Avner Ronen, Joao Crespo
14:20 189 Machine Learning saves energy in seawater reverse osmosis plant
Mike B. Dixon, , Nick Herold, Cole MacLean, Justin Quaintance, Tim Pritchard, Neil Palmer
211 Donnan dialysis for drinking water production: a circular process for increased water recovery and remineralization
P.A. Sosa-Fernandez, H.D.M. Sombekke, H.J. Zwijnenberg, R.G. van Lin, T. Visser, W.G.J. van der Meer, W.M. de Vos
100 Environmentally friendly liquid cleaner for cost-effective reverse osmosis membrane cleaning
Núria Adroer, Alberto Cirugeda, Irene Marian, Alejandra Cardona, Eduard Cortada, Jordi Aumatell
301 Effects of current on the membrane and boundary layer selectivity in electrochemical systems designed for nutrient recovery
Mariana Rodrigues, Tom Sleutels, Philipp Kuntke, Cees J.N. Buisman, Hubertus V.M. Hamelers
14:40 198 Performance of a free-piston batch-RO desalination system
Ebrahim Hosseinipour, Liam Burlace, Timothy Naughton, Philip Davies
55 The use of natural minerals for the replenishment of magnesium into drinking water following desalination
Antonella De Luca, Nicholas Charles Nelson, Anthony Bouton, Marcus Fuest
209 Control of biofouling related risks by methods reducing the environmental footprint and optimising RO plant performance in the Gulf of Oman
Grégoire Bourguignon, Harry Polman, Elayne Looker, Claire Ventresque
311 Potentials for critical raw materials recovery from Mediterranean saltworks bitterns
S. Randazzo, F. Vicari, J. López, M. Salem, D. Baaklini, S. Pawlowski, S. Karayilan, R. Cucchiara, R. Lo Brutto, S. Azzouz, S. Chamam, S. Cataldo, M. Fernández de Labastida, V. Vallès, H.M. Saif, G. Micale, A. Tamburini, E. Kucuk, A. Pettignano, G. D’Alì Staiti, D. Pastorelli, J.G. Crespo, A. Hannachi, J.L. Cortina, A. Cipollina
15:00 67 Case study: Reduction in energy consumption with second generation TFN membranes in La Caleta SWRO (Canary Islands, Spain)
Alvaro Lagartos, Raul Santos, Juan Carlos de Armas, Francisco Jesus García Martín
104 Microbial desalination cell for low energy drinking water production in Canary Island
Naiara Hernández-Ibáñez, Pau Rodenas, Juan M. Ortiz, Juan Arevalo, Victor M. Monsalvo, Abraham Esteve-Nuñez, Frank Rogalla
192 Cleaning complex metal foulants from membranes
M. Fazel, N. Pena, S.P. Chesters
277 Nitrogen and phosphorus recovery and separation from agricultural wastewater effluents - role of electrically conductive membranes
Avner Ronen
15:20 226 Cleaner and efficient membrane systems for better water desalination and water reuse
Victor A. Yangali Quintanilla, Dominik Marek Dominiak, Helle Kem Rehmeier
313 Carbon footprint reduction of desalination plants through the retrofit of lime dosing systems
Nicholas Charles Nelson, Antonella DeLuca
247 Experimental study of flow and fouling in a membrane channel using micro-particle image velocimetry
Hasna Fadhila, Jason Stafford, Philip Davies
300 Effluent pH determines electrochemical nitrogen recovery efficiency demonstrated at pilot scale
Mariana Rodrigues, Joana Barbosa, Sam Molenaar, Tom Sleutels, Bert Hamelers, Cees Buisman, Philipp Kuntke
15:40 122 The use of natural hydrostatic pressure for seawater desalination: theory, practical applications, and considerations
Daniel Bertram
118 Desalinated seawater for crop production in closed soilless systems with drainage treatment
Patricia Terrero, Mercedes Calzada, Elena Campos, Domingo Zarzo, José F. Maestre, Belén Gallego, Bernardo M. Górriz, Victoriano Martínez Álvarez, Patricia M. Membrive, Diego Valera
287 Treating challenging industrial wastewater by membrane distillation: understanding the impact of the fouling
Luca Fortunato, Harun Elcik, Bastiaan Blankert, Noreddine Ghaffour, Johannes Vrouwenvelder
297 Novel functionalized graphene oxide for capacitive deionization
Alessandro Pedico, Sergio Bocchini, Elena Tresso, Andrea Lamberti
16:00   252 Upscaling large-area machining of complex structures through multi-modal laser processing
Ronan McCann, Abhijit S. Cholkar, David J. Kinahan, Dermot Brabazon
340 Oil spill contaminate removal by novel anti-fouling membrane to prevent desalination plants shutdown
Zhaoyang Liu, Radee Al-Rewaily
317 Brine concentration and mineral extractions using OARO process and advanced BC membranes
Takahito Nakao
, Ersan Özdemir, Nobuyuki Masumoto
16:20–16:40 Coffee break
16:40–18:40 Session 21 Plant operation
Chair: France Knops
Session 22 Pre-/post-treatment
Chair: Hassan A. Arafat,
Giorgio Micale
Session 23 Novel processes and applications
Chair: Daniele Strongone
16:40 170 Long term operation of hollow fiber ultrafiltration plants
Frans Knops, Karel Bruins Slot, Sergi Lluch
105 Exploring novel filter media as pretreatment of reverse osmosis
Naiara Hernández-Ibáñez, Damian Amador Cabezali, Juan Arevalo, Victor M. Monsalvo, Frank Rogalla
194 Water conservation in greenhouses using membrane-based desalination technologies for regeneration of liquid desiccants
Paris Pasqualin, Ryan Lefers, Mark Tester, Philip Davies
17:00 43 The cost of environmental protection in the desalination plants of Alicante
Rubén Navarro, José L. Sánchez Lizaso
222 Comparative study for the performance of 10 and 20 μm cartridge filters in a large scale desalination plant
Abdullah Albiladi
243 Case study: the use of a novel antiscalant to prevent iron fouling in a brackish water RO system
Mohannad Malki, Daniele Strongone
17:20 66 SWRO O&M: Partial replacement with TFN membranes in Maspalomas I SWRO
Alvaro Lagartos, Juan Carlos Gonzalez, Silvia Gallego, Eugene Rozenbaoum, Hoon Hyung, Juan Carlos de Armas
27 A new process for boron removal in desalination plants using deep eutectic solvents
Ghaiath Almustafa, Reyihangu Sulaiman, I. Adeyemi, Mahendra Kumar, Hassan A. Arafat, Enas Nashef
249 BioPhree: next generation solution to remove and re-use phosphate; no more biofouling in membrane systems?
Pim de Jager, Raimonda Busiauskaite, Koos Baas, Tako van Croonenborgh
17:40 60 Assessment of photovoltaic energy integration in a seawater reverse osmosis desalination plant. Case study of Porto Santo desalination plant (Madeira - Portugal)
Elías Jesús Medina Domínguez, Rayco Parra Batista, Jesús Manuel de León Izquier
32 New generation of dissolved air floatation: combination of reliability and boosted performance
Caroline Barbe, Delia Pastorelli
244 E-hyrec® technology
Rachele Ciacciarelli, G. Bonfedi, C. Lanari, F. Rubertelli, A. de Folly d’Auris, N. Zubin, S. Loda, M. Baric
18:00 215 Seawater desalination with TFN membranes in the Canary Islands: over 10 years of experience
Beatriz Calderon Arroyo, Alvaro Lagartos, Eugene Rozenbaoum
22 Hybrid ceramic membranes for pretreatment of saline water
Yehia Manawi, Viktor Kochkodan, Muataz Hussien
228 Continuous evolution of control technology
Victor A. Yangali Quintanilla
18:20 255 Standardized and decentralized nanofiltration potable water plants for remote locations
Frans Knops
289 Impact of hydraulic retention time and membrane pore size on submerged gravity-driven membrane performances for seawater pre-treatment
Luigi Ranieri, Luca Fortunato, Johannes Vrouwenvelder
296 Modeling and optimal control of convection-enhanced evaporation (CEE) system for a modular, cost-effective brine volume reduction
Mustafa F. Kaddoura,
Natasha C. Wright
Thursday morning June 23rd
9:00–11:00 Session 25 Scaling/Water treatment
Chair: Luis Navarro,
Antonio Casañas
Session 26 Cleaning and fouling II
Chair: Viktor Kochkodan
Session 27 Brine and wastewater/Plant operation
Chair: Christine Kleffner,
Norbert Borgmann
Session 28 Reverse osmosis / Nanofiltration
Chair: Ahmed Hannachi
9:00 196 Desalination processes optimization by online monitoring surrogates and specific composing parameters. The case of online LSI measurement and its benefits
Luis Navarro
63 Membrane cleaning procedures: performance of commodities vs. formulated cleaners
Nuria Peña García, Victoria Velasco, Javier Rodriguez, Fernando del Vigo, Max Fazel, Stephen Chesters
190 Towards an energy-efficient waste water recycling in industry: Extending conventional application ranges of pressure-driven membrane processes
Ch. Kleffner, G. Braun

290 New automatic control system to optimize biocide dosing for stable RO operation
Yuta Ohtsuka, Kunihiro Hayakawa, Darunee Sae-Tae, Dave Johnson

9:20 73 Influence of polyamide-layer surface morphology on reverse osmosis membrane scaling – A visualization case study on CaCO3 scaling
N.R. Sarker, P. Cherukupally, J. Wilbur, A. Bilton
47 Enzymatic-chemical cleaner formulation for cleaning organic and biological foulants
Daniela Vidal, Amit Sankhe, Ryan Furukawa
265 Advanced technologies and solutions in thermoplastics for marine intakes and outfalls in desalination
Markus Ebster, Albert Lueghamer
262 Residence time distribution in reverse osmosis/nanofiltration spiral-wound modules in a laboratory scale desalination unit
S. Chamam, A. Hannachi
9:40 248 Development of operational technology for ultrapure water process based on digital twin
Jeongwoo Moon, Heewon Jeong, Sora Shin, Joon Ha Kim
108 Redox potential effect of bisulfite in brackish water with the presence of chlorine dioxide, chlorite, chlorate and metals
J.A. Salvadó, E. Ferrero, S. Navea, C. Repollés, J.J. Malfeito
92 Analysis of brine management from the perspective of the sustainable development goals
Adrián Gil Trujillo, José Jaime Sadhwani Alonso
298 Separation of drugs by commercial nanofiltration membranes and its modelling
Vignesh Nayak, Jiří Cuhorka, Petr Mikulášek
10:00 309 Membrane reactor concept for the removal of arsenic from drinking water supplies
Svetlozar Velizarov, Cláudia Galinha, João G. Crespo
127 Effect of intermittent and variable flux operation on fouling of reverse osmosis (RO) membrane in seawater desalination
Song Lee, Heungsik Yang, Jihyeok Choi, Hyungrak Cho, Yongjun Choi, Sangho Lee
236 Experimental evaluation of a low-cost zero liquid discharge system driven by a micro gas turbine
Rafael González-Almenara, Jesús Montes-Sánchez, David Sánchez, Lourdes García-Rodríguez
306 Modification of commercial NF membranes with polyelectrolyte multilayers to enhance selective removal of divalent cations from brine of seawater desalination plants
Mohammad Reza Moradi, Arto Pihlajamäki, Mika Mänttäri
10:20 251 Novel polypyrrole/zirconia tubular ultrafiltration membrane developed for efficient Congo red dye rejection and desalination
Ghizlane Derouich, Saad Alami Younssi, Dounia Beqqour, Jason A. Cody, Jamal Bennazha, Mohamed Ouammou, Murielle Rabiller-Baudry
19 Thin film composite polyamide membranes embedded with acacia gum: performance and antifouling properties
Viktor Kochkodan, Yehia Manawi, Muataz Ali Atieh
286 Polymer-based thermal water treatment systems for highly corrosive solutions and high-concentration applications
Norbert Borgmann, Tobias Heinzl
314 Modeling pH effects on transport and rejection of ions in reverse osmosis membranes
E.M. Kimani, M. Pranić, S. Porada, A.J.B. Kemperman, I.I. Ryzhkov, W.G.J. van der Meer, P.M. Biesheuvel
10:40 320 Performance evaluation of forward osmosis modules via computational fluid dynamics and porous media flow models
Shivang Rampriyan, Bahni Ray
  34 Vasilicos Desalination Plant in Cyprus
Aristotelis Komodromos
11:00–11:20 Coffee break
11:20–12:20 LATAM Forum – Latin America Water Treatment Market

  • Water treatment market (overview)
  • – Market trends
    – Regulacions
    – Challenges
    – Others
  • Municipal market
  • Industrial market
  • Agriculture
  • Conclusions

Loeb Award

Best lecture and poster awards
13:00–14:00 Lunch
14:00 Visit to Desal+ Living Lab Desalination Testbed Facilities. For details click here
35 Performance analysis of a full-scale SWRO desalination plant
A. Ruiz-García, A. Ramos-Martín, F.A. León
36  Water production by RO for paint manufacturing in the automotive industry
A. Ruiz-García, A. Ramos-Martín, F.A. León
37  Low-cost continuous measurement system to learn the relationship between the electrical conductivity "EC" and the temperature "T" in brackish waters
A. Ramos-Martín, C. Mendienta, F.A. León
38 Proposal to determine the carbon and ecological footprint of seawater reverse osmosis desalination plants considering the energy mix. Case of study for the Canary Islands
A. Ramos-Martín, C. Mendieta-Pino, S. Brito-Espino, F.A. León
44 Energy analysis of a seawater reverse osmosis (SWRO) desalination system for small marine vessels
Isidro Padrón, Jorge Camacho, Graciliano N. Marichal, Deivis Ávila, José A. Rodríguez, Ángela Hernández
46 Mitigation of climate change in reverse osmosis desalination process: Gran Canaria practical case
B. Del Rio-Gamero, A. Gomez-Gotor, J. Schallenberg-Rodríguez, S. Cabrera del Rosario
48 Proposal for a simple method for calculating biogas production in natural treatment systems for livestock wastewater
Tania Garcia-Ramirez, Alejandro Ramos-Martin, Saulo Brito-Espino, Carlos Mendieta-Pino, F.A. Leon
50 Evaluation of the combustion system, in a laboratory scale, for the energy use of the solid from activated sludge treatments of urban waste water
C.A. Mendieta-Pino, V. Henriquez-Concepción, A. Ramos-Martín, J. Waswani-Reboso, F. Romero-Artiles, F.A. Leon
51 Estimation of the combustion potential of the solid from livestock waste water with natural treatment systems
C.A. Mendieta-Pino, V. Henriquez-Concepción, A. Ramos-Martín, J. Waswani-Reboso, F. Romero-Artiles, F.A. Leon
57 A comprehensive methodological approach to develop and compare integrated treatment processes for the valorisation of wastewater effluents
M. Micari, A. Cipollina, M. Moser, A. Tamburini, G. Micale, V. Bertsch
78 Sewage sludge and the ignition of an experimental combustor: state of the art in biomass approach
Francisco Romero-Artiles, Carlos Mendieta-Pino, Jenirfer Vaswani-Reboso, Alejandro Ramos-Martín, Vicente Henríquez-Concepcion, F.A. Leon
79 Method for stable operation for an integrated stand-alone downsized diesel engine and solar PV generator system for powering a reverse osmosis plant
David Echeverria-Santos, Alejandro Ramos-Martin, Vicente Henriquez-Concepción, Jorge Valencia-Santana, Carlos Mendieta-Pino, F.A. Leon
82 Innovative membrane process with microfiltration and reverse osmosis treating the effluent (wastewater) produced in a cheese industry (cheese whey) to get “waste 0” and sub-products
Alejandro Caballero, Bruno Morgado, Pablo Caballero, Luis Martín, Juan Parrado, F.A. Leon, Alejandro Ramos-Martin
91 Influence of temperature in the performance of a non-stirred anaerobic bioreactors for the wastewater treatment
S. Brito-Espino, A. Ramos-Martín, C. Mendieta-Pino, S.O. Pérez-Báez, F. León
103 MITIMAC. Climate change mitigation through innovation in water cycle using low carbon technologies
Nenna El Kori, Sebastián Ovidio Pérez Báez, Antonio Gómez Gotor
115 Ultrafiltration as a pretreatment in a seawater reverse osmosis desalination plant
I. Suárez, N. Melián-Martel, B. Del Río-Gamero
149 CFD parametrical study of spacer-filled channels for membrane processes
L. Gurreri, I. El Mokhtar, S. Al Tahar Bouguecha, A. Tamburini, A. Cipollina, M. Ciofalo, G. Micale
155 A novel 2D process model of electrodialysis units in cross-flow layout for the assessment of membrane deformation effects
Giuseppe Battaglia, Luigi Gurreri, Alessandro Tamburini, Antonina Pirrotta, Andrea Cipollina, Michele Ciofalo, Giorgio Micale
176 Innovative solar thermal-driven desalination systems based on solar microgas turbines: SOLMIDEFF project
Lourdes García-Rodríguez, David Sánchez, Rafael G. Almenara, Álvaro Silván-Zafra, Antonio Muñoz Blanco, Gonzalo S. Martínez
210 Hybrid advanced oxidation process for the removal of dyes from synthetic industrial wastewaters
Valentina Innocenzi, Marina Prisciandaro
217 Filtration of salts in polyeletrolyte-modified nanofiltration membranes
Sigyn Sigurdardóttir, Manuel Pinelo
219 Antifouling efficiency and high-flux ultrafiltration membrane comprising sulfonated poly (ether sulfone) and TNTs-g-PSPA nanofiller
Saleh F. Alruwaili, Ibrahim H. Alsohaimi, Mohamed Y. El-Sayed, Hassan M.A. Hassan, Abdullah M. Aldawsari, Ahmed A. Alshahrani, Thamer S. Alraddadi
223 Evaluating the performance of chitosan and chitosan-palm membrane for water treatment: preparation, characterization and purification study
Ahmed A. Alshahrani, Mohammed Alsuhybani, Mohammad S. Algamdi, Dewihi Alquppani, Ibrahim Mashhour, Mutairah Shaker Alshammari, Ibrahim Hotan Alsohaimi,
Thamer S. Alraddadi
231 Bisphenol removal in water by micellar enhanced ultrafiltration
Olga Kochkodan, Viktor Kochkodan
253 Assessment of the integration of a MED-TVC plant into a solar tower with Brayton cycle
J. Bonilla, P. Palenzuela, B. Ortega-Delgado, J.M. Serrano, J. Fernández, D.C. Alarcón-Padilla
254 Energy recovery and jet quality evaluations of flow injection nozzle
In Hyuk Jung, Youhwan Shin
269 The role of desalination in Water-Energy-Food nexus: an opportunity for Algeria
Nadjib Drouiche, Omar Rodriguez Villarreal, Sara Ouali, Seif El Islam Lebouachera
273 Water treatment by polyethyleneimine enhanced ultrafiltration membrane for heavy metals removal
Mourad Amara, Islem Boughachiche, Mabrouk Derradji, Mustapha Adjadj, ElHassen Chelghoum, Bachir Chelghoum, Hamani Abbes 
276 Carbon footprint in the treatment of urban wastewater in peripheral or insular territories: Example in analysis of Canary Island (Phase 1: Inventory)
Raúl Lorenzo-Quijada, Jenifer Vaswani-Reboso, F.A. Leon, Alejandro Ramos-Martín, Sebastián Ovidio Pérez-Báez
280 Assessment of water-energy-waste resources in rural houses in Gran Canaria Island, as a tool for the climate change mitigation
C.A. Mendieta-Pino, A. Ramos-Martín, F.A. Leon, F.A. Déniz-Quintana, M.L. Rodríguez-Pérez
281 Proposal of a Climate Change Mitigation tool implemented through an Integrated and Resilient System (IRS) to monitor and measure operation variables for Natural Depuration Systems for livestock farm wastewater effluents in islands and isolated territories
M.L. Rodríguez-Pérez, C.A. Mendieta-Pino, F.A. Leon, A. Ramos-Martin
288 Valorization of vegetal residues from invasive species for wastewaters treatment
Jenifer Vaswani Reboso, Zaida Ortega Medina, Inés Mª Ángulo Suárez
305 Experimental designs and preliminary results of the study of the adequacy of desalinated water for the irrigation of bananas in the north of Tenerife
D. Sáenz-Pisaca, J. Taño-Pereyra, D. Machín-Herrera, A. Marrero-Domínguez
315 Monitoring and characterization of biofouling development in a membrane fouling simulator (MFS) supplied with UF pre-treated seawater from the Red Sea
Natalia Franco Clavijo, Kees Huisman, Bastiaan Blankert, Johannes Vrouwenvelder
316 Mineralization of persistent organic pollutants using a novel electrochemical advanced oxidation process
Ramona G. Simon, Markus Stöckl, Susanne Lackner, Klaus-Michael Mangold
323 Proposal for collaborative work between various research groups from Senegal and Spain to enhance innovative capacities in the integral water cycle to favor the mitigation of climate change in the ultraperipheral regions
Adrien Coly, Chérif Samsédine Sarr, Bakary Faty, F.A. Leon, Alejandro Ramos-Martin, Sebastian O. Perez-Baez
326 Water desalination using polyelectrolyte hydrogel. Gibbs ensemble modelling
Oleg V. Rud, Michail Laktionov
343 DIVIDE & CONQUER: Closing the loop of water, nutrient and resource management for irrigation activities
A. Romero, M. Pastur, E.Mena, S. Nevado, B.Lefevre, J. Cortina, J .López, C. Castro‐Barros, J. Tobella
344 Boron recovery from saltworks brines by ion exchange resins
V. Vallès, J. López, M. Fernández de Labastida, A. Leskinen, R. Koivula, J.L. Cortina